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Majuscules Collection

Square, Rustic and Uncial are the three main majuscules (so called because hands had very few extruding ascenders or descenders) in use from the early centuries AD through to the 11th Century. In the early period, whole bodies of text would be written in the majuscule; in the later period, they could be found together in the same document and were used as 'displayed' matter (titles, headings, subheadings, initial words of chapters etc.).

The Majuscules typeface collection contains the following three fonts from our single typeface range; the price of the collection reresents a £15 saving on the summed individual prices of the constituent typefaces.

1. Rustic Capitals OT
2. Uncial OT
3. Written Square Capitals OT


This Collection contains three single typefaces.

[download] Download: £40   PC (OT only) | Mac (OT & ATT)   -

Typefaces are provided as immediate electronic downloads; but you can also choose to:

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Important Note: The full character set can be accessed in any Windows or Macintosh application, but extra functionality is available with OpenType/AAT enabled applications. See advanced type for full details.


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