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Frontispiece from Science Askew Book


Author Donald E. Simanek, Emeritus Prof. of Physics, LHU, explains:

"This came about because our publisher, Institute of Physics Publishing in Bristol didn't like our book title, 'An Almanac of Scientific Ephemera,' thinking many readers wouldn't get the reference to the American Ephemeris and Natutical Almanac. So, at the the last minute, in the production design stage, we added this 'fake' frotispiece. It was concocted in a hurry, and I searched the web for a font which looked like something which would be used in Newton or Galileo's time. When I found your 17th century font package, I ordered it promptly and within an hour it was in my email box. The decoration at the bottom was swiped from Galileo's book (we figured he wouldn't mind). We were very pleased with the final result as it appeared in the book. Thank you for designing the font, and for the fast service."

See details of the book online: http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/humor.htm#askew

Fonts used:

17th Century Print Family

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