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Authentic Historical Typefaces

Authentic historical typefaces with advanced typographic features immediate downloads, or on USB drives full range of historical characters in every font academic discount available

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All fonts available for individual download

All of our fonts are OpenType for Mac and PC (many in AAT format, and some for iOS), and are available to download as single typefaces.


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Discounted Typeface Collections

As well as being available individually, many of our typefaces are available in themed collections which represent a big saving on individual typeface prices. As an example, our New Newe Booke of Copies collates all of our 16th Century hands together, saving 50% on the cost of purchasing the six typefaces separately.


Widest range of historical characters

Our typefaces are unique in the range and authenticity of historical characters included - from the long-s, thorn, yogh and wynne, through a wide range of ligatures and alternative character forms, through to abbreviation marks. Don't know how to use them or where to put them? Comprehensive references are provided with our fonts.


Latest news:

New Typeface! Roman Cursive, from the 1-3rd Century AD. Available as a Single Typeface download.

iOS fonts now available for iPad and iPhone. Access authentic historical typefaces in your favourite apps!

USB Flash drives now available with any download order, to provide a more convenient back-up of your typefaces.

Fonts used in the Harry Potter films are available in our Wizardings package.

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